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We are not always blessed with such cracking conditions for beach weddings but when we are it feels bloody AWESOME ☀️ 🌊.

As the sun set and the tide came in I married two ‘Married at First Sight’ fanatics in a short and sweet ‘MAFs’ inspired ceremony.

You will be happy to know Andrew and Tanya both chose STAY (with a love heart) as the ‘experts’ watched on and celebrated the unique, unfiltered and real connection they share!

Congratulations legends! What a treat ❤️

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Time for some new folders for the legit docs in some on point pearly tones! 🤩

Love them thank you so much @hourihan_bookbinding 🤩.

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Maddy and James 17.2.24 | Their love story may have started in a local little British pub, but these two loved up travellers were married on a hot Aussie day!

At the time they met, Maddy was in the UK by herself, working as an Au pair and she did not know a soul, until the day this lovely girl that she happened to meet decided to take her under her wing and thoughtfully invited her out to lunch.

As the girls were enjoying their food, young James wandered into this friendly little pub and of course he knew Maddy’s mate and said hello...

He also might have had an ulterior motive, because Maddy had already caught his eye of course, so being the gentleman he is James asked the girls to join him and his friends for drinks.

After an evening that may or may not have involved a few Jägerbombs…

They met for their first date the very next day where fast thinking James thought he would order the vegetarian option to impress vego Maddy so he might have a better chance of being rewarded with a kiss...

Of course he could have ordered the steak and chips that he really wanted because they were both already smitten 🥰.

Congratulations lovers @madsstory and @jbrunt1990 !
What an incredible day 🤗❤️.

Thank you so much for choosing me as your celebrant and for the lovely bottle of @lloyd.brothers bubbles 🍾🥂.

Thanks to their awesome venue and team!!!

Venue: @lloyd.brothers
Photographer: @katydurnphotographics
Videographer: @alvernariston
Wedding Dress: @thebridelab @heracouture
Bridesmaid dresses: @aw.bridal
Suits: @josephuzumcu
Cake: @angelweddingcakes
Makeup: @ashleyrenee.mua
Hair: @hairstylist_monique_
Ice cream cart: @gelatobello
DJ: @blackcherryevents

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Happy Valentines Day! Loving this trend! Comment with your aisle song and the reason you picked it..

My ‘Big Tough’ Hubby that says he doesn’t believe in valentines day actually chose our aisle song after watching the movie My Sister’s Keeper while I was out one night. There must have been a lot of ‘dust in the room’ that night because he looked up at me when I got home with glassy eyes and said “I’ve found our song!”

At the time we were nursing my mother in law through a terminal battle with cancer, had two young children under 3 and he worked fifo 3 weeks away to 1 week home so to say we were holding on tight to each other was an understatement.

It was such an intense time, but I wouldn’t change our wedding journey story because it made us an even stronger couple. No matter what is thrown at us we face it together.

I still tear up everytime I hear Feels Like Home by Edwina Hayes even though I don’t think I even heard it as I walked down the aisle toward my hubby who was falling to pieces.

Thank you to one of my beautiful brides @jasmine.ispanovic from @enica.flora.macrame for tagging me in your beautiful story and inspiring this little reel 😘.

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Hi Im Vic 👋 Wanna know what feeds my soul…[Read on]

Oh hey there new followers and all my faithful long termer insta babes!

Firstly…Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for following me on this crazy fun ride 😘.

So what feeds my soul…

• The water with my fam! I’m a wake boarder/‘river rat’ from way back so being on our boat enjoying the stunning Murray is my happy place, but I’ve also sailed boats for a living as a hostie in the Whitsundays, lived in Berrie Springs in NT so I loved the springs and falls up there and I am addicted to the beach! God we’ve got some good ones on our back doorstep!
• Dogs…yep I’m guilty of saying hi to dogs before humans. I could not be more stoked that our fur babies are a part of weddings regularly! I have a cheeky, intuitive and very sweet Staffy X that I love to pieces…there’s no doubt about it, she is my favourite child (sorry not sorry kids) 🐶.
• Live music…I’m passionate about travelling, going to gigs and supporting our awesome local live music scene in SA and Australia. Nothing like a cracking gig at the old school haunts like ‘The Cranker’ (where hubby and I actually met) ‘The Gov’ and every pub in between.
• Sunshine ☀️…ummm yeah I’m not a winter person! Love me some rays!!!

Just a few things that I love outside my family and marrying awesome humans every weekend in some of the BEST places in the world! Right here in SA ☀️

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I DOOOO wanna marry you! Even my number plate says it ❤️.

This very thoughtful gift from my hubby a few years ago now still receives so many comments!

That golden post ceremony buzz captured beautifully with my little car by @aviephotography_ at @coriole !

Congratulations Matt and Alex ❤️.

Their awesome wedding team…

Venue: @coriole
Photographer: @aviephotography_
Videographer: @bentinmarcs
Wedding Dress: @adelaidebridalcollective
Suits: @petershearermenswear
Cake: Renae Zadow- @bsweet_bcatered
Makeup: @colouredlipsmakeup
Hair: @jemma_higgins_hair
Live music: @toochieboy

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Fireball shots for EVERYONE and champagne showers after Tahlia and Josh got hitched on the Saturday🔥.

What an awesome vibe at the stunning 🍾🍾🍾

Photographer: @blushweddingphotography - Bea
Wedding Dress: @zavanabridal
Bridesmaid dresses: @billy_j_boutique
Suits: @ASDsuits
Styling/ceremony set up: @sashevents
Florals: Irene- Owner of
Cake: @leescakessa
Makeup: @jemmamillar_mua
Hair: Ash @ashlealereoux

A HUGE Congratulations @tahliareid and @joshhwwright ❤️

Stay tuned for more epic party fun!

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It’s not the size of your umbrella, it’s what you do with it 😂. You’d think after all these years I would have worked out how to open a bloody umbrella 🤔.

Snapped in action on a very wet and windy December day at the beautiful @whitehillestate by my awesome mate @mikehemusphoto 🙏.

Posted @withregram • @mikehemusphoto / How good’s @vicky_flanegan_celebrant. 🖤

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READ ON to find out the story of this mind blowing bar set up…

I am sure all Adelaide festival heads out there will recognise these bars…all be it they were on a much grander scale for Barrio at the Adelaide Festival 2012- but believe it or not they exist 24/7 365 days a year in a shed on a private property down south.

As the story goes the owner of this fun filled shed which just so happens to be the Groom’s father has 5 mates who’s birthdays just happen to fall on consecutive dates in May and of course they all love a good party, so they thought why have 1 bar in the party shed when you can have 6? If you build it they will come…yes you read right…they set up a bar crawl in their very own shed!

From the time they were built they have had good use of these bars for their own birthday parties, but also for many other events where each owner uses their own bar…they also have a signature cocktail for each (which of course the bar people are setting up in this video ready for Sarah and Joe’s foot stomping reception).

Then the inventors of Barrio (which means ‘suburb’) at the Adelaide Festival just happened to attend one of these awesome shed events over the years and had the magic idea of recreating this bar extravaganza for Barrio 2012.

They assigned each original bar owner as the supervisor of their own bar recreation on a much larger scale and the awesome and very inclusive Barrio bars were born.

How cool is that! God I find myself in some incredible spots 🤗

@sarahharding92 😘

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Should you have a group photo? 🤔. Read on for my perspective and some fun alternatives…

This is such common topic of conversation with many couples choosing not to worry about having a big group photo at all, but at the same time I totally get it…you want to have a snap of all the gorgeous peeps that attended your wedding!

That time post ceremony is oh so precious! The vibes are electric! You’re in loved up ‘Just Married’ mode! The champers and congratulations are flowing…

Meanwhile this is when we usually end up organising the big group pic, which can break the vibes a bit as I turn into a ‘well dressed kelpie’ and move all your guests into one spot for a group pic…before the celebrations can officially begin…

Orrrr you could have a think about these alternatives that work well:

• I let your people know before the ceremony that “We’re not mucking around here today, we wanna party, so our loved up newlyweds will roll back down the aisle at the end of the ceremony and we are simply going to jump straight in behind them and snap a group shot…boom! Then you’ve got all night to congratulate them on the dance floor and you can kick into happy hour straight up!” That way you both and all your guests can head up to the party and enjoy all the goodness of that time together.
• Your fun loving celebrant or MC can let your guests know that you will be organising group pics throughout the night. We encourage you all to get your group together and keep an eye out for the photographer so they can capture you all in your element as you enjoy the celebrations.
• Or as my dear friend, the awesome Ryley Smithson from events has suggested to a few of my couples… Why not organise your group photo at the start of your dance floor? The drinks are flowing. The party is amping up. Your MC/DJ tells everyone to hit the dance floor because “Our legendary couple want a huge group pic of everyone here tonight!” Everyone jumps up onto the dance floor…photographer goes snap and the DJ drops a banger! Boom group photo and instant kick ass dance floor all at the same time!

Hope this helps? Any more ideas and feedback please share in the comments lovelies? ❤️

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2023 with all it’s highs and hard work, tricky times and terrific times comes to an end! 🥂

As I reflect on the year that was I’m so bloody thankful for all of you! All my amazing couples, my incredibly supportive family and friends and my awesome network of wedding industry buddies!

For me this year has been the most interesting one yet as I’ve reestablished my business in a very different ‘post Covid’, cost of living crisis’ world, but through it all I have tried to stay true to myself and the level of service I have always provided.

As I’ve prioritised putting out the energy people have always loved and responded to I’ve learnt so much about me and the strengths in my industry in the process.

We are a resilient bunch and I think everyone deserves a massive pat on the back for persevering when times have been tough and just for being truly awesome!

Congratulations and thank you to my 55+ couples who trusted me to marry them and tell their gorgeous stories this year (If you don’t see your pics I have other plans for them, so stay tuned). Love to you all!

Thank you to all the incredible humans and fellow professionals who have recommended me and supported my little biz. Word of mouth is integral in me being able to continue doing what I do best so please know how appreciative I am for your referrals! Please feel free to keep telling people about me 🤗.

May 2024 see your heart grow even more with love and your bellies ache often with laughter!

Cheers 🥂

Much love Vic x

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