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Adelaide Marriage Celebrant Vicky Flanegan- Location

Growing up in McLaren Vale what do you love most about being involved in local weddings?

Every time I drive down that hill into McLaren Vale I feel like I am coming home and that warmth and love of the local area stays with me when I step into any venue to perform a wedding on the Fleurieu.

My family owns multiple businesses in the local area and has done so for over 25 years now, so I am very much a local and very in tune with the community. It is rare not to bump into someone I know, went to school with, worked with or have married when I ‘come home’. I am sure every finds that in their home town?

Because of this connection I am so proud to call the Fleurieu home and that sense of community support is always evident in the local wedding industry. The suppliers I work with all the time are so passionate, so we all work so well together, endorsing, sharing and supporting each other’s work. The area is filled with wonderful, small businesses.

When you engage their services for your wedding an actual person is over joyed…. I don’t know about you, but I want that as part of my wedding journey.

I might add that there are also rock stars in the industry that are killing it on a national/international level and they are right on our back doorstep.

As locals we all love seeing people filled with wonderfully fond memories of the best wedding experience they could possibly have in and around our home towns.

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